How To Check BISP Account BISP 4th Installment Has Started 

How To Check BISP Account

The new sponsorship program has been organized as a new international standard Bisp 4th installment. This new tranche has already started and an installment of 9000 rupees has been deposited in the accounts of about 1.5 million families. A total amount of 9 thousand rupees has gone into his account. 

These persons should know when the money will be released in their accounts and in which family’s accounts the money has gone. Also, the best news is that all the people who were not getting sponsorship before have started receiving it in their accounts. This is great news for every one of the Bisp members.

  • Use code 8171 to check the Benazir program account
  • Also, use the 8171 portal to check the account
  • You will need a registered mobile SIM to check your account balance
  • Send a message to 8171 through your mobile SIM
  • Go to the message box of your mobile phone and enter your 13-digit national identity card number
  • And send the same message to 8171 code
  • Visit the portal to check account status through the portal
  • After entering the National Identity Card Number and Images Code in the first box of the portal, press the Know button

BISP 2nd Payment 9000 – 8171 Check New Amount

You can check your information through the 8171 provider, those who are eligible will get installments this time. Also, installments will not be given to those who are not declared eligible. There are some people whose record is not updated yet, they also need not worry.

Also, make sure that by September 25, the money is in everyone’s account. The first payment will also be credited to your account before September 25.

How To Check BISP Account BISP 4th Installment Has Started 

Those who have not received the money yet can receive the payment in their account now. 9000 has been paid to their account, these are the families who did not receive their payment last time.

BISP Program Latest Update 2024

If you are registered in the BISP program then let us inform you that the BISP program has declared quarterly installments. And now this time the amount has been increased from 8500 to 10500 rupees You check your family’s eligibility through your CNIC to get this amount To check eligibility, send your CNIC number to 8171 code without dash and receive a confirmation message. After that go to your nearest Ehsaas Payment Center or HBL ATM and withdraw the money

Eligibility Criteria for Bisp Program 2024

  • You need to be eligible for the BISP program to get a BISP 4th installment
  • You must be a Pakistani citizen to be eligible
  • To be eligible, you must have your children’s Nadra Bay Form and your ID card
  • Your CNIC must be valid to be eligible
  • Your poverty score must be lower to qualify for the new tranche
  • You should belong to a poor family and a deserving family

How to Apply for Bisp New Installment through Webportal 

  • Check your account status by visiting the Benazir Income Support Program Beneficiaries Data Portal ( You will need to log in, where you will enter your ID card number and password.
  • If your status is active, you are eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program payment and have received or will receive money.
  • If your status is closed, you are no longer eligible for Benazir Income Support Program payments at this time.
  • If your status is suspended, your payment has been stopped for a specific reason.
  • If your status is pending, your payment is being processed and you will receive the money soon.
  • If you have any further information or queries, contact the Benazir Income Support Program helpline at 8171.

Today’s BISP Installment Release Latest Update

Today I am going to tell you about the Bisp the greatest good news. Many people are waiting for the sponsorship program, and now you will get information about when their sponsorship installment will be received. Further, you will be told in whose accounts the Kisht of Rs.9 thousand has been deposited. And who are the people whose accounts have not received the installment yet, they will also be informed how long it will take to get the money in their accounts.

Further, many people did not receive alimony before, but now their accounts have started to recover. This is a great good news for everyone. For those who have already registered their accounts, and are having a lot of trouble, a special message has been sent by the government to 8171.

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