Get BISP Payment Without Biometric Verification – BISP Payment Check New Method

Get BISP Payment Without Biometric Verification BISP Payment Check 

The complete procedure to get a BISP payment check and eligibility and fingerprint verification is detailed. In this article, you are given important instructions regarding receiving the BISP program quarter installment without fingerprint verification. If you are eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program. And you are not able to get a stipend from the Benazir Income Support Program due to the non-verification of thumbs or fingerprints.

And you are worried about how to get this payment. So now you absolutely need to worry. We have detailed within this article how you can easily get BISP money without finger and thumb verification. Note that if you are not getting the BISP amount due to non-verification of thumbs or fingerprints.

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Obtaining BISP Payment Without Biometric Verification

So try to get the money by going to another payment center or your nearest registered shop or cash center established in the tehsil. Remember that you can verify your thumb up to eight times on one machine. Can’t do more than that. 

Get BISP Payment Without Biometric Verification – BISP Payment Check New Method

If your thumb is rejected once, you can visit Habib Bank ATM after 24 hours to get your BISP program funds and try again. If despite these efforts you are facing difficulties in getting the money, then you can follow the below procedure and get your money.

BISP Payment Check By CNIC 

Benazir Income Support Program can also check the amount received at home through CNIC. Remember that to do BISP payment check by CNIC you only need a mobile number and CNIC card. First of all you go to the message box of your mobile and type your National Identity Card number. And send this message immediately to 8171. You will be provided information about the BISP Payment Check by CNIC soon.

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How to get BISP New Payment Without Biometric Verification

If you have failed to receive BISP new payment without biometric verification despite all efforts.

So follow the procedure below:

  • First, visit your nearest NADRA office Visit the nearest NADRA office to check and verify your fingerprints
  • If fingerprint verification is still not possible despite going to the NADRA office
  • So go to your nearest BISP tehsil office along with your family member along with your identity card
  • Go to the BISP Tehsil Office approach the concerned officer and lodge complaints about unverified fingerprints.
  • BISP will process the payment on this form in the presence of the officer present in the Tehsil Office
  • In which fingerprint verification will not be required
  • After submitting the form, you will receive information about the status of your application through a message or call from code 8171 after a few days.

Remember that this process is designed to help these individuals. Who are unable to verify their fingerprints for BISP payment. This includes support in both NADRA and BISP offices to resolve the issue so that payment can be ensured without the need for biometric authentication.

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