Today's Wheat Price In Pakistan November 2023 Latest Update

Today’s Wheat Price In Pakistan

Important News Today’s Wheat Price In Pakistan November 2023 Wheat rate in Pakistan is Rs 4450 to Rs 4750 per 40 kg. The minimum support price of wheat recommended by the Government of Pakistan is Rs 3800 per 40 kg. However due to the lack of control on the price of wheat by the Pakistani government.

The price of wheat is fluctuating. And its real value has gone up. It should be remembered that the price of wheat is different in every city and every province. The price of wheat is different in every city. So farmers are worried about prices. But now Pakistani farmers need not worry. Because now Pakistani farmers can get new updates about wheat prices. Remember that Kisan Shop updates wheat rates in Pakistan daily.

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Wheat Price in Pakistan Today List 2023

The price of wheat is increasing day by day. It should be remembered that the prices of wheat in Pakistan are different in different regions and different cities. Wheat prices are influenced by various factors such as crop yield, weather conditions, supply and demand, government policies, and transportation costs, traders and farmers usually sell wheat in local markets and markets. Due to this, the prices keep fluctuating on a daily basis according to the current conditions.

District / CityMinimum RateMaximum Rate
Layyah4,500 PKR4,550 PKR
Lahore4,620 PKR4,670 PKR
Lodhran4,500 PKR4,560 PKR
Multan4,600 PKR4,620 PKR

What countries are the Main Producers of Wheat?

Wheat has an important role as a staple food in various cultures around the world, a staple dietary element for many people. Its cultivation is spread over several regions, making it an important crop in feeding millions of people globally. In this blog, we will examine the countries that stand out as major wheat producers and explore their contribution to the global wheat market.

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Today Wheat Prize In Punjab Pakistan 2023

The Punjab government decided what the price of wheat should be in Punjab. He fixed the price at Rs 139.9 per kg. This decision came after discussions between key people in the government.

Officials announced that mills are required to purchase Today’s Wheat Price In Pakistan at a fixed rate of Rs 4,700 per maund. He also confirmed that the selling price of wheat per kg will remain at Rs 139.9.

The government has set a price of 1374 rupees per bag of 10 kg for the buyers of flour. Before this decision, the price of wheat for making flour in Karachi was Rs 127 per kg at the beginning of last month.


What is the price of 40 kg of wheat in November 2023 in Pakistan?

As of November 2023, wheat prices in Pakistan vary from Rs. 4000 to Rs.4600 per 40 kg.

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